Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mini Challenge #3: Inspired by food

I am not ashamed to admit it...I am a foodie!  Love cooking blogs...collecing recipes...tasting new things...all of it!  It is an adiction, but a fun one!

I also love this: pretty!

Ahem...sorry.  I got a bit distracted there drooling over yummy things!  Onto the challenge:

Mini Challenge #3:

What food do YOU love? Use this as a jumping off point for a can be inspired by the color...texture...ethnic background....packaging or even do a project all about your favorite food!

Here are some of MY favs:

I'm looking forward to what you post to Mr. Linky!  And feel free to post any food blogs that YOU love in the comments here.  I will love you forever!  LOL


  1. SO many ideas for this challenge, it is one I will do more than once!

  2. This one was tough for me, because I'm "not much of a cook", as my hubby once told me! I did come up with something, but thought later it would be fun to do a mini album on my "food evolution". I saw a post on Paperclipping about that, which got me to thinking.

  3. I could eat some of those truffles right now! Awesome challenge!