Saturday, April 16, 2011

Organizing Your Memorabilia

If you haven't already been a "keeper" of your life memorabilia, hopefully this challenge is changing your mind.  If you are anything like me, though, you are a bit concerned about turning your scrap space or even your home into this:

Don't worry!  I've got your back!  Take a peek at these:

Managing your memorabilia

Creating Keepsakes: Organizing your memorabilia

Organize Your Memorabilia

And these videos have some great ideas for how Kelley Crowe organizes and stores her stuff:

How do YOU store your memorabilia?


  1. I love that envelope system for storing memorabilia.

  2. The first photo made me laugh! Seriously, my scrap room looks like that. Thanks for all the great ideas on getting this stuff organized!

  3. I am most definitely NOT a minimalist. I spent a good chunk of last summer organizing my personal memorabilia and my kids' memorabilia (oldest is 13).