Friday, May 27, 2011

Master Forger May Blog Hop!

Welcome to the HOP!

I SO look forward to this time of the month!  As usual, our talented design team is ready to dazzle you!  Don't forget to come back tomorrow so we can show off what YOU have been doing!

Blog Hop Challenge:   Pick a favorite scrapbook manufacturer and use them to inspire your project!

Let's go!
Guest Designer:  Jen

FYI-Blogger is acting up again, I was only able to comment on about half of the some of you many not have any comments, not because no-one tried, but because Blogger isn't allowing us to comment.  Everyone's layouts look wonderful...very inspiring!


  1. Looking forward to this - sorry I couldn't join in this month :o(

  2. Hi, I've just hopped along and loved looking at all the layouts! Thanks for the inspiration master forgers!

    Anyone having troubles with blogger - try clearing your browser's cache and cookies from last 4 weeks then try signing in again. Worked for me though my 'followers' are still missing. Or you can try a different browser, I use google chrome now but was able to sign in using IE until I tried the cache and cookie clear on chrome. Hope this helps some people. x

  3. I've also found that if I right click on the comments link and choose open in another window, I can get to the comment box. At least that worked while I was having problems last night.

    Off to the hop!

  4. And, in order to post my comment above, I had to click Preview first - then I was able to Post. Hope that helps someone else!

  5. Blogger has been going CRAZY for me for the last 2 weeks! Anyway, I am so sorry I didn't schedule my post-I thought yesterday was the 25th for some crazy reason! My post is up now, and I am off to hopping!

  6. Beautiful work this month, ladies! Sorry for all the blogger trouble.

  7. I just finished the blog hop - so much fun! These are great!

  8. Loved this hop! Especially the news at the end :) If it helps anyone, I can get pretty much anything to work on blogger after just refreshing once.