Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tutorial-Crochet Doilies and Flowers

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There is a mini red crochet doily in the inspiration kit this month...if you know how to crochet, here is a site with patterns for LOTS of doilies and mini doilies-Crochet Doilies

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Once again, there are flowers throughout the inspiration kit and add on kits this month.  So we included a few new flower tutorials...
  • Here is a link for DIY flowers like the green and ones in this month's inspiration kit-DIY flowers 
  • This is an WONDERFUL link to some "not so average" paper flower tutorials-Paper Flowers Tutorial
  • And a link to flowers made from recycled dryer sheets-Dryer Sheet Flowers 


  1. These patterns and tutorials are fabulous. I see a lot of crocheting in my future!

  2. This is so awesome. I can just *barely* crochet, but I think I am in for learning more now :)

    Also, I found a red crochet doilie in the $1 bins at Michaels yesterday. They had other colors too - I picked up sage green, pink and white in addition to the red.