Monday, July 11, 2011

Tutorial-Inspiration from October Afternoon "Fly a Kite" Stickers

I took my cue for the following tutorials from these October Afternoon "Fly a Kite" stickers.
  • Learn how to create white text in a word processing program in this tutorial.  Creating White Text
  • A free digital set of journaling tags with white text is found here. Journaling Tag Download
  • The "Smash Page Tabs" would work great in place of the tabs on this sticker sheet.  Free Prinitable Tabs
  • If you scroll down towards the bottom of this blog post, she give GREAT instructions and  photos of creating your own "tabs" which are similar to the ones in this sticker set.  DIY Tabs Tutorial


  1. Hi - I just wanted to say, thanks for linking some of my printables, hope that you find them useful.

    Louise x

  2. Good reminder on how to print white text. Thanks for sharing!