Friday, August 12, 2011

Tutorial- Patterned Papers

Imaginisce B-Day Bash Paper

This paper was in this month's Album Add-On Kit (the Birthday themed kit).  Our Guest Designer, Julie Ann, created a WONDERFUL tutorial for a similar sheet of paper a few months back...It can definitely be adapted to re-create the "celebrate" paper.  Here is the link to Julie Ann's Paper Tutorial.

Imaginisce B-Day Bash Paper

I really liked the back side of this paper (the red and white "birthday gift" design)...but I wanted to scrap some Back to School I re-created the paper in a School theme.  Here's how...

Supply List:
Sheet of smooth cardstock in any color
Various stamps in your desired theme
Embossing Ink
White Embossing Powder
Heat Embosser

Using the largest stamps first, I randomly stamped the images in a grid fashion.  Then I began filling in the spaces between with the medium size stamps, them the small stamps.

Sprinkle Embossing Powder over the images and heat it until it sets.

*NOTE:  I did steps 1 and 2 in small areas.  I stamped maybe 5 or 6 images, then embossed, then repeated until I filled the page.  I was worried I would smear the images, which is why I worked in small areas one at a time.
Counterfeit Patterned Paper


  1. Love that school paper - wonderful idea. Embossing is on my must try list.

  2. Very nice! I've used stamps and embossing to make my own decorative paper, but never a big selection on 12" paper - this really looks fabulous. I think I will have to get my stamps out and see what I can do!

  3. Love school paper, WHY didnt I think to make my own! ? LOVE IT!

  4. Thank you for sharing, I now want to try this!!

  5. Excellent idea - this looks really good!

  6. Brilliant idea! I love it. I lost my embossing gun a few years ago and because I only heat emboss occasionally I haven't replaced it due to the cost. This is tempting me to...

  7. Thanks for mentioning my tutorial! I love your tutorial here. I must use my stamps more often. This is a great way to use them. Beautiful! xoxo