Saturday, January 14, 2012

Challenge #1: New Year Challenge

Are you a resolution kind of person?  Goal oriented?  I used to LIVE by New Years resolutions.  My problem is, I am a perfectionist and if I missed even one day, it would throw me off and get me all frustrated.  Now I am older wiser and am not so hard on myself.  I have some general things I want to work on, but the check lists are out the window.  Much lower key now.  I am mellow. Instead of all ARGH about it I am like all Hey Man.


Challenge #1:  Make a layout about your goals (resolutions, if you will) for 2012! 

**And if one of your goals is to scrapbook more...well, then...there you go!**

1 comment:

  1. This was such a fun layout to make - looking forward to sharing tomorrow :-) Thanks for the inspiration to make it - it would have remained in the back of my head for months otherwise!