Thursday, January 19, 2012


Welcome to Week 2 of Orgazine This!  How did you do with your

Head over HERE to read up on this week's challenge.  It is all about brainstorming what kind of space YOU want to have!
Here is my space.  I am fortunate enough to have a whole room to myself.  I am fairly organized, but am always looking for ways to tweek it.

First up is my closet.  Yep.  We took the door off because it was in the way.  I hate that part.  Maybe some curtains would help.  All of my stamps, magazines and die cut machines are in here.  Oh, and I put up a rod to hang ribbon from, too.

Next is the WONDERFUL seven foot desk my sweet hubby found me.  I have a great wall system (sadly from a scrapbook store closing) for my paper, cricut carts, buttons/flowers and odds and ends.  I wish I did not have so much stuff ON my desk, but I'm not sure where else to put it.  There is storage under my desk, too, but it is not stuff I want/need there.  I just haven't gotten rid of it or moved it, yet.

I have kept a folding table up in here so my daughter can scrap with me when she wants to, but am thinking about putting it back in the garage for now.  I do love my jetmax, but need a better way to store some of the stuff in it.  And my clip it up.  LOVE that!  I really do like my room, but there is ALOT I would like to change, if I could have my dream room.

I'm a list maker, so here is what I would love to see in my dream room:
1.  Natural Light
2.  Big enough for a cozy chair with ottoman to sit and look through inspiration (I have a day bed now)
3.  Different stations for stamping, die cutting, embossing...
4.  A Library card catalog because I LOVE them
5.  displays for all of the lovely cards that my friends send me (and my kids make me)
6.  More closed drawer space to put things away
7.  Funky, fun decorative pieces

I found a few spaces that I love.  I totally need to design my own, though.

Jemma was kind enough to share a great layout she made about her dream scrapbook space:

Here is the page I did for a competition back in 2007 to scrap your dream scrap space.  I chose to borrow the Tardis from Dr Who:
Just like the real Tardis, my layout is much bigger than it at first appears.
and even bigger than it at second appears too!
The Tardis would be my dream scraproom for several reasons:
  • Unlimited scrapping time without neglecting my family - they wouldn’t even notice I was away!
  • Plenty of room inside: for me to spread out - for my friends to scrap too - for loads of stash 
  • Travelling to distant crops would be near instantaneous with no parking problems either
  • AND Doctor David Tennat might just stop by!
  • Time And Room Definitely Increase Scrapping

If you are looking for some inspiration and a reason to start dreaming, check out these sites for some great rooms and great ideas:

I would LOVE to see what you are starting out with!  Make sure to link up some pictures for us whether it is a room, a closet or a rolling tote we would love to see it!  And if you have a picture of your dream space...share that, too!


  1. I love that you have so much out, organised and on show. You're more likely to use it if you can see it. And those dream spaces? Let's face it scraprooms are only ever that tidy for a photograph!!!
    Loving Jemma's version of a TARDIS - so imaginative.

  2. I love organizing and playing with the look of my room. I am posting some pictures over on the January linky thread...My room now has wall art etc but I haven't taken pictures of that yet.

  3. I have been working through organizing the last several months over at 2peas, I'm not caught up though...with Christmas, work, vacation and now school it's been a little tough to stay up with everyone else but I'm working at it and that is what counts! You can check out my progress on my blog this is the first link and you can just look to the right and find the organization tag and go through them from there. Love that I can play along here now too!

  4. I just "tidied" up my room which generally entails putting all my scrap stuff where I have decided it goes. But this does not make for a tidy room or even an organised one - neeeeed to play along with you on this. I want something pretty but functional. Should be possible!