Monday, January 23, 2012

Storage Envy

Yes, I admit it.  I have storage envy.  But take a look at this before you judge me!

**There is one just SITTING around at my kid's school, but, alas, they will not sell it to me.  It is displaying papers on top.  It is needed.  Sigh.

And look at this Alpha Wall!

Who can blame me?  I love all of this stuff!!  I'm off to find some more pretty things to show you next month!


  1. Console yourself that those drawers from school would be no use - you wouldn't be able to see your stash so you wouldn't use it!

  2. The alpha wall is just too much, no one can be that neat, surely? Unless you buy products just for storing and stroking!!!

    ** Kate **

  3. I like the alpha wall - or at least one row of them - I think they'd be easy to use that way. I agree with Julie that nice as the wooden drawers are it does hide your supplies!

  4. I would love a card file like that. I KNOW I would use it. (Ahem.) I love the nostalgia. Brings back memories of actually using those!

  5. I love that card file. It's awesome!!!