Sunday, February 19, 2012

Organize This: Week 4

Head over to My Love Affair with the Label Maker to read her entire post about organizing paper.  I am pretty lucky in this area because I tackled it a LONG time ago.  My storage has changed over the years, but my categories have not.

Here is how I organize my paper:
Cardstock:  By Color (I have a specific order that I use for all of my supplies)
**Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, Grey, White, Cream, Brown

Patterned Paper:
1.  Random PP is sorted by my Color Order System
2.  Paper from Manufacturers is sorted by the Manufacturer (I usually buy stacks/kits and just keep them together)
3.  I do keep some of my paper sorted by themes:
**nature, boyish, typography, Christmas, school, fall, Halloween, Valentines

When I first started this obsession hobby, I started out with Iris cases.  This was easy to maintain when I just had baby themed supplies.

As I got more paper, I moved on to Cropper Hoppers.  I liked that I could easily flip through my growing stash to find what I needed.  I loved the dividers, too, so I could begin a sorting process.

The more my stash grew, the more Cropper Hoppers I collected and the less places I could find to keep them.  LOL  They get pretty heavy with lots of paper in them.

I was very fortunate to move onto this:

I can't imagine having my paper any other way.  It is right above my desk and SO convenient!  Everything has a slot and I always know what I have.  I do use one Cropper Hopper for my MME paper stacks...they come with ALOT of paper and it is easier to flip with them standing up.  I also use a second C.H. for my scraps until I utilize them, but you will have to hear about that another week!

So how do you store your paper?  Pictures please!!


  1. My CS is sorted in rainbow order. As I am still in the process of redecorating my scrappy room, my PP is all in boxes. That is the biggest problem. How to sort? I have kept it together by manufacturer so far, but am considering sorting by color when I move it back in the room. Hoping for this week! Oh, and Cropper Hopper paper holders for me.

  2. For me it's card by colour, s/s paper by colour, d/s paper by manufacturer - and a few themed things in separate boxes. I keep my paper and card in those plastic divided carry cases - a bit of a pain to put them in but it keeps them dust free :)

  3. I have most of my precious BG sorted by collection in horizontal tray as well as a few other faves - Passport by MM, Mr Campy by Cosmo, For the Record by Echo Park etc. Then I have a Cropper Hopper of paper sorted by colour - more or less, and one of cardstock again sorted by colour. New papers get put on my desk to keep in view until I feel like it's time to sort it back to my regular stash. I have a separate drawer with Halloween stuff (even though I don't even do much Halloween!) and two drawers for Christmas which I use all year round for my Jingle Belles cards as well as scrapping. This pretty much works for me and most of the time, I can find what I'm looking for.
    I have a dump in box for scrap paper and another one for scrap card - these need to be rethought as they aren't very effective and are getting out of control!