Friday, May 18, 2012

May Window Shopping

**These are so cute!  Paper piecing would be awesome with these!

**I have ideas for this one!

**Totally ready for summer with these!

Strawberry basket die?  Yes, please!

**How fun!  What is your favorite piece from this collection?

**What is not to love?  I want some.  Like now!


  1. Fun items. I love the woodgrain washi tape. I need some of the 9to5 journal spots and the tape but that is about it!

  2. The fabrips are gorgeous but so then is the whole line! I adore anything with a map on it so will be on the lookout for that in my neck of the woods for sure!

  3. Well, you've spotted some fantastic finds. Love the map Fabrips - and the strawberry basket die too. I just resisted buying a strawberry basket made from pottery. I think we'll be seeing lots of these this summer.

  4. Great stuff! I just bought the entire 9 to 5 collection, and can't wait to break into it!