Monday, May 7, 2012

Tutorials: City of Lights Kit

Aqua Airmail Washi Tape (Freckled Fawn)

Exclusive With Love Gift Tags (Pebbles)

Exclusive Butterfly Stickers (Studio Calico)
The tutorials for the "City of Lights Kit" are pretty straight forward...

The Washi Tape...I'm going to be a COMPLETE enabler right now...rather than making Washi tape from your stash, Target has sets of Washi tape in 4 different color schemes in the office supply section.  They are the "Up & Up" brand.  Four (fairly large) rolls come in each package for $4.   I don't know of anywhere else that you can find Washi tape for $1 per I figured I'd let everyone know.  I bout 2 of the color schemes and have used it on LOTS of layouts already.  I think it is definately worth the $4.

And check out the AWESOME ways to use Washi tape here.

The "Love" tags are super simple to counterfeit...just grab a few scraps of Kraft paper (or any paper for that matter) and use some of those OLD mini punches that you have hanging out in your supplies.  If you have been scrapbooking for a few years, you are bound to have a few of those in your stash.  I bought a WHOLE SET at Cost-Co in probably 2001, which I have probably not used since 2001!!!  But I have a hard time purging tools, I'm happy to put those punches into good use again.

The "Exclusive" Butterfly Stickers are super cute.  And I must admit, I bought a Martha Stewart Butterfly  punch (maybe a year ago) because I knew I would be able to use it time and time again.  So pull out a butterfly punch (or any shape you love) and create some "exclusive" embellishments of your own.  This will also help you use up some of those scraps!!!

The Bicycle Stamps must be super exclusive to this kit, I couldn't even find another picture of the stamp set on the web!  You will have to look at the kit to see which ones I'm referring to.  Here is a link to a free printable vintage bicycle  and another old bicycle and a bicycle print and these 12 free bicycle silhouette files.  Enjoy!


  1. Trouble is we Europeans don't have a Target to buy Washi tape in! :o(

  2. Move to somewhere that does then jj be reasonable. : p

  3. Great ideas - thank you. In Europe one idea is to do a washi swap where you only buy one and share it out between friends. I mean how much of each shade do you need? - my boredom threshold is reached long before I've used a metre of one pattern and the rolls come with several metres!

  4. Jemma - I recently bought a selection of washi tape from these people on Etsy - you can buy a selection of small amounts so you aren't stuck with a whole roll you won't use :) - just enabling some more .....

  5. Thanks for the enabler. Pretty sure Target can be on my way home today.