Saturday, June 2, 2012

Organize This: Week 11

This week's organization challenge is STICKERS and RUB-ONS.  You can view the sticker organization post here.

Rub-ons really bother me, I don't like using them much so I don't have many packs of them.  I think I bought one or two packs when they first came out, and decided I didn't like them much, so the only packs I have are probably from "bulk embellishment" purchases at yard sales.  But I think I have gotten rid of most of those too.

As for stickers, 99% of my stickers are already organized into either themes (Christmas, Halloween, School, etc) or kits.  So this week I guess I won't be organizing too much!!!



  1. Love this little pouch for organising stickers! Great idea! I don't like rub-ons either!!!

  2. I had one of these through Creative Memories. They would great for organizing all of your stickers. :)

  3. I have managed to whittle 2 of those CM binders of stickers down to just 1. But frankly I hate most of the older stickers I still have left. I think I might send them to Goodwill. I do still like to use those type binder pages for my alphabet stickers. Any newer layered chipboard stickers I buy are filed in a bin instead.

  4. I feel that I must speak up for rub-ons. I admit that they don't have a long shelf life but I can't do without rub-ons myself and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who loves working with them. As for storage, what you need for rub-ons is a Clip-it-Up; that way you know what you've got and can use them up before they dry out or fuse to the backing (depending on the climate in your area).