Monday, July 30, 2012

We have such a fun group!

Where can you find a fun, talented, encouraging group of ladies who rock our scrapbook challenges?  RIGHT HERE, of course!  Our Master Forger Design Team is an awesome group!  I love chatting with them and hearing their reasons for not finishing their projects on time.  Oops.  Was that out loud?  LOL  Really, they are a great group!

Our Design Team is headed by the engergizer bunny of scrappers, Crystal.  Honestly, I don't know how she does it all!  She is our biggest cheerleaders, so she was a natural pick for coordinating some more personal Design Team projects.  Crystal keep us all chatting and comes up with some fun swaps/challenges for us to do together in between challenges.

Her latest brain storm was a VIRTUAL SWAP.  Basically, it went like this:  E-mail a list of products to a partner (or even pictures).  They must choose a certain number of those things to use on a layout.  If they don't have that particular product, they must re-create it the best they can.  Margie, Milissa, Rebecca, Susanne, Libeeti, and Lisa partnered up to take on this challenge!  I am excited to share it with you!  Make sure you head over to each blog for more information about the lists they had to work with!

Here are their finished need to head over to their blogs for more of an explanation and their actual lists. 

**Milissa had so much fun that she did TWO layouts, one from her partner's list and one from the list she made up from her partner.  :)

**Parntered with Libeeti

**Partnered with Susanne

Margie's Layout
**Got her list from Lisa

**Got her list from Margie



  1. You are correct - it is a fun group. Love all these pages!

  2. I loved this challenge. One of the funnest (!) I've done in a long time! All the layouts are great and I'm really tempted to just work my way through everyone's lists!

  3. This sounds like a fun challenge and all the layouts look amazing!

  4. Some really great work on the challenge!

  5. that looks like a really fun idea!