Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some Sketchy good news

I was so sad when Allison Davis needed to take a break from posting sketches on her awesome blog, Sketch Support.  I totally agree with her need to do it and feel bad that I was not good at showing  her the love for all the time and inspiration she gave so freely.  I'm glad she is take some time for herself and that she also is keeping the blog up for those who want some great inspiration.

Have you seen her sketches?  We love to use them around here.  There is just so much I really love about them.

1.  They are so easy to use as is...she gives really easy cutting instructions that take the guess work out of it.
2.  They fit ALOT of standard photos.  I don't have to think about how my pictures will work with her sketches...they are so well thought out.
3.  The sketches will work for a variety of themes and holidays.  You really can use them for anything you want to scrapbook.
4.  You can use the same sketch over and over.  With a few tweaks, each sketch can be rotated, changed up and altered so it looks fresh each time you use it.  I often use the same sketch for pages of both of my kids for their albums and love how they turn out.

Now onto the happy news!  Allison is still sketching away (Slow down, girl!  I don't own all of your books, yet!) and has found a new way to share them with us!  (And I don't want to forget Debbie, who is also a sketchy diva around there!)

Go to the Scrapbook Generation Blog to see their great idea!  You can now download their sketches one at a time or in small groups!  Brilliant, I tell you!

Just wanted to share one of my favorite things!  And no, I have no affiliaion with Allison or Scrapbook Generation.  Just a huge fan and lover of really well made sketches.


  1. YAY - I spotted that they were back - I have one sketch book (travel sketches) and it is awesome and useful for plenty of other themes too as a sketch is just a starting point!
    They're offering 1 free sketch a month too for those of us on a budget - an ace site!

  2. I LOVE Scrapbook Generation!! I am there a lot!!! I live close to Springfield, so it is a Blessing to have this resource close. They has a terrific local store. LOVE.