Monday, September 10, 2012

Tutorial: Paperclip Bows

I was intrigued by these paper clips by Studio Calico.  They are utilitarian and sweet at the same time.  They also seemed fairly easy to counterfeit using a variety of different techniques.  Here is how I approached them:

I tried several different kinds of glue and not of them held up until I tried the hot glue.    I also had fun matching patterned paper with colored paper clips.  The silver on the original ones was nice, but I think the colored clips will be more fun to use. 


P.S.  Master Forger Jemma also had a go with these - using ribbon rather than paper!


  1. Thank you so much for that tutorial I have now tried it with ribbon and it looks great.

  2. Thanks for tutorial! This is something I could easily make a big project but this will set me straight!!

  3. Great tutorial. These little guys would be really cute to use for school book markers.
    Miss talking to everyone.

  4. I really love the little pearls on your version!

  5. Cool idea will definately be trying this out x

  6. I posted my own tutorial today - using ribbon rather than paper. It's here.