Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week 18: Organize This: Tools

Ugh!  Really?  Can't I just pretend that I don't have any tools?  LOL  My problems with tools is their decidedly varied sizes and shapes.  Too many for me to make look nice and uniform.  I will keep my eyes closed for this one.  Let me know how you manage it.  LOL


  1. If you have the space, I highly recommend pegboard for tools. I LOVE my pegboard! My husband framed it like a picture and we hung it on the wall in front of my table. (Word to the wise, though, use really strong wall anchors-it can get heavy!) There are so many neat pegboard hangers available that you can hang up just about anything, hanging up out of the way yet just in reach. And because storage is inevitably an always morphing thing, you can move the hangers around without creating any new holes in the wall!! :)

  2. I only got through one drawer of punches last week. Have to go back an finish up that step.

    Tools all have specific homes, but I probably forget about some of them. out of sight......
    Maybe an inventory of tools should follow my punch sample inventory.