Saturday, October 13, 2012

A little Design Team Fun to share...

You don't think that we ONLY work on our kits, do you?  We have a great Design Team who like to chat and do some independent challenges.  We would LOVE to share our latest one with you!

Big thanks to Crystal for creating and faciliting it for us!

Morph Challenge:  Have you ever heard of the game telephone?  One person whispers a phrase to the next person and so on down the line until the last person says the phrase out loud...generally it is nothing like what the first person said.

For our Morph Challenge, Crystal created a layout and shared it with Lisa.  Lisa created a layout based on Crystal's original one and then shared hers with the next person in line, each person changing something from the layout created by the person in front of them.

Here is a complete list of the hop...start with Crystal so you can see our original inspiration!

Crystal**Inspiration Layout


  1. Love seeing how pages morph. Great series of LOs. You must find a way of capturing the series of pages in one post for posterity. It's something I still haven't got round to from the one I organised last year.
    Oh and can someone ask Margie to post hers - the chain breaks there.

  2. Cool thing! Like the idea!
    Great layouts :-)

  3. This is just like the game scrapwhispers - so much fun! Love the way you see the progression!

  4. I am so sorry, my internet was down for a day and a half :-( I will have mine up in just a few minutes!

  5. That was so much fun! Loved seeing how the designs changed and stayed the same!