Sunday, October 21, 2012

Challenge #2: Photo Focus

One of the most challenge parts of creating for me is sharing what I make.  I don't mean giving them away...I mean taking nice photos of my projects to put on my blog or share on facebook with friends.  My photos come out crooked....too dark...flat...totally making it look like I spent very little time on the project.  I really want to do better with this, so I invite you to work on it with me.

Challenge #2: Photo Focus:  Make any project you like...the challenge is in HOW you photograph that project to put on your blog.  Be creative and make it look the best you can!

Getting you started:
How to take great photos
How to photograph your scrapbook layouts
Photographing Layouts
How to take pictures of your cards
Photographing cards indoors

1 comment:

  1. I try my hardest not saying that I am a pro at it yet though! Thanks for the tips.