Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Challenge #3: Traditions

I LOVE traditions!  Finding some fun and quirky things to do year after year as a family helps make memories that we will all laugh about someday. 

Some of my family traditions:
1.  Setting up Christmas decorations while watching The Grinch and the really fun old fashioned holiday cartoons.

2.  Doing a special countdown calendar for every day in December with little gifts or activities for each day until Christmas.

3.  Learning about Holiday Traditions in different countries during December with a special meal and craft each week.

4.  Reading a special book on Christmas Eve:

5.  Wondering what kind of HORRIBLE pajamas my husband picked out for me for Christmas Eve (we each open a pair of pajamas and a book).

Challenge #3:  Document a tradition for your family...either past or present

1 comment:

  1. Would you believe that I had never watched Frosty the Snowman until it was on tv last weekend? Now the song sort of makes more sense :).