Saturday, December 1, 2012

2012 Wrap Up Month!

December is such a great month!  Time with family and traditions...and TIME OFF!  LOL  I can't wait for my kids to be on their school break.  I love having them home!
This month we have something special planned for you!  We are going to help you finish up your 2012 scrapbooking in style!  Our Design Team and several special guests will be sharing a page kit designed for each month of the year!  By the end of December you will have had a chance to catch up on any special memories you still needed to scrap.  In addition to this, they will also be sharing a bit about their design process to help inspire you for 2013!  So start looking through some photos and enjoy a fun month of Counterfeiting with our talented team!


  1. So will there be a kit for the month, or individual page kits as we go?

  2. I don't get it either!
    Are you doing 12 individual page kits?

    Frankly, I am so busy in December that UFO's are the last thing on my mind. Anything unfinished from 2012 gets set aside around the Nov 15. It then go into my UFO bin to be resurrected in January with a pledge to finish so many each month.

    Nov 15 till Dec 30th is full of Christmas card making/writing and mailing, Xmas decorating, Xmas baking, parties, attending events, recitals, ballet, parades, shopping and a zillion other things. Somewhere in there, I fit in December Daily or Journal Your Christmas...defo not my UFO's.
    I am really confused now!

  3. I am the opposite! I'm so excited because I didn't think I'd be able to play along this month . . . because I want to focus on completing some half-finished projects! I look forward to the inspiration!

  4. Just want to comment that this month can be taken different ways - from my point of view anyway! We are all producing smaller page kits with a theme based on each month of the year. These could be used to finish projects off if you have those on your list and if I had some, that's definitely what I'd be doing :-). But you can also think about it as simply 12 inspiration page kits that can be used for whatever pages you like or whatever photos you have to scrap. So rather than just getting one kit this month, you get a whole selection to have a look at.