Saturday, December 29, 2012

Been Caught Stealing!

We are REALLY excited about our January Guest Designer!  Say a big hello to Madeleine Lopez from Senoritami !

I am an educator, crafter, wife and mother to my angels. I have been
scrapping for over 2 years and currently live in Massachusetts. My sons
are my daily inspiration. Through each of my projects, I aspire to
elicit smiles and a sense
of gratitude for personal memories and everyday life. I value the art
of story-telling. As scrapbookers we not only tell the story for a few
of our contemporaries and
family, we also capture everyday life for future generations. Each
project gives me the opportunity to use words, color, textures and
details to capture stories, emotions, places and events. It is this
multifaceted form of storytelling that makes this hobby so enjoyable
and exciting to share.
We are so happy to have you with us this month, Madeleine!


  1. Welcome, Madeline! Looking forward to seeing what you share this month!

  2. I can' t wait to see what you create in January, Madeleine!

  3. Such a pretty name :-)
    Welcome! Excited to see what you share with us this month.

  4. Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing your creations this month.

  5. Hi Madeleine, pleased to meet you. Have checked out your blog, but didn't find a comment section. Want to tell you your kit made me gasp. Oooooo......ahhhhhhh. Have a great month. And a super year! Happy New Year.