Monday, December 17, 2012

Libeeti's Process

 Today Libeeti is here to share her process. Enjoy!
My creative process, making the CKC kits:

Step 1:
Look at the inspirationkit and take a deep breath. Don't panic, Bethany came up (again) with an inspiration kit that I havne't got the faintest idea how will I counterfeit it.

Step 2: 
Look again, this time with a pen and a sheet around. It's time to do some homework here.

Step 3:
Start writing down the colors of the inspiration kit. Try to figure out what are the main colors and which of the colors are secondary.

Step 4:
Write down the main patterns of the inspiration kit.

Step 5:
Decide on which colors and pattern I'm going to counterfeit.

Step 6:
Take out dp with the colors/patterns that I decided to counterfeit. 

Step 7:
Time for another deep breath. I took out HUGE amount of dp. no way I'm goning to use them all, or even 75% of them. Sometimes this stage can take a day or two...or three...

Step 8:
Reduce, reduce and reduce.No way I'm going to put 20 dp into my kit! reduce again.
Try to include some "old" papers, and if possible - at least one "ugly" (i.e. not so loved) paper. 

Step 9:
Choose coordinate cardstocks. Make sure to include at least one of the following: white/off white/cream and kraft.

Step 10:
Time for embellishments. Look ate the inspiration kit - are there any embellies that I wish to counterfiet? do I have enough time to counterfiet them? 
Try to put into my kit some of my neglected items (this way I managed to reduce dramaticly the amount of chipboard I had!). Make sure to include doilies and buttons.

Step 11: 
Look at the challenges for the next month. Okay, another deep breath. I know I'll find a way to handle them.

Step 12:
Print enought photos to work with (I always, really always, neglect this step).

Step 13:
Pet my self! I managed to cope with another counterfiet kit! Let's the fun begin.


  1. Your process is very interesting! Great idea to always include some older and "ugly" papers!

  2. Very cool explanation:-)
    Looks like fun!

  3. Thank you for sharing your process. I too, find that I can work older, neglected and perhaps, ugly items into a kit and onto a layout, using the CKC system.

  4. "Reduce, reduce, reduce." That is a motto I'll adopt when my counterfeit kit looms large! Thanks for the tips!

  5. I'm often with you on your "step 1"! But we always manage to come up with something!