Friday, December 21, 2012

Margie's Creative Process

Thank you for visiting today! Today, I will share a little bit of my scrapbooking process, and how I proceed once I have made my Counterfeit Kit for the month. For example, my Halloween themed kit that I pulled together for this month. Usually, I pull my kit and photos first, then start looking for sketches that I can use, that will work with both. When I came across this sketch on the PageMaps blog, it struck me how perfectly it would work with the round Martha Stewart embellishments that I had included in my kit, so that is where this page started.

This is the page that I came up with, based on this sketch:

Stop by my blog today to see the rest of the pages that I have created from this kit!


  1. Fabulous interpretation - I love it!

  2. Perfect supplies for those photos! Great job!

  3. Great page! That is such a cool photo, you can see little bits of so many costumes.

  4. I love how this is a grid style but features circles, it looks fabulous! x