Monday, September 16, 2013

Challenge #3: Game Elements

My family is BIG into games.  We only have one slight problem.  ME.  I am highly competitive and don't like to lose.  So I am constantly working on my attitude especially when playing with my kids.  LOL

Challenge #3:  Game Element Challenge:  Use a game element (spinner, letter tiles, playing cards, ect.) on your project.  You can use premade or make your own!

Master Forgers?  What do you have for us today?

Guest Designer Isbaha had a fun time making game elements to add to her project!

Leslie S wants to know what you think she might do with these?

Stephanie used two game elements on her Las Vegas page - tiny playing cards and a Bingo sheet. You can view the full layout over on her blog 

Dawn used some adorable little playing cards on her LO.
Check it out right here.


  1. good challenge... I do have game stuff hoarded, oops, I mean in my stash! Love all the inspiration!