Friday, December 27, 2013

Indoor Snowfall

Leslie here again :~)

Although I love Christmas the calm after the storm is a delightfully quiet time that I look forward to. For me, January is "the white month" - pristine, usually snowy with the holiday cleared away & no social calendar to speak of. 

Isn't this glorious? The perfect picture of what January is to me.
 Pinterest link
Although the link does include patterns for 4 different snowflakes it doesn't connect to directions.

I decided this would be easy enough to counterfeit, though, with a simple metal wreath form sprayed white to serve for the framework to hang the snowflakes from. It appears that everything is strung with fishing line - the trick will be making that many snowflakes! 

I've already decided that I will have to hang it inside of a packing box to keep it intact from year to year.

Today's challenge is to make an old-fashioned folded & cut snowflake! Enjoy :~)


  1. Cute idea. I would employ my underutilized circut to produce all those fluttery flakes.

  2. wow, that snowflake chandelier is just gorgeous!

  3. It certainly is glorious - absolutely beautiful :)