Saturday, September 19, 2015

Interview Style: Lisa and Lynnette!

Bethany: How did you hear about Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog? How long have you been playing along with us?
Lisa: I first saw the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog featured on Susanne’s blog, Snaps & Snippets, in March 2011. I loved the idea of using all my own stash to make up kits and then, shock horror, to use them! I jumped right in that month and made up my very first CKC kit there and then. I was thrilled to be selected to be a Master Forger in October 2011 and since that very first month back in spring 2011 I’ve only missed one single kit and I’ve just put together my 54th kit! Think of all that stash being used up! That makes me really happy.
Bethany: What inspires you to scrapbook?
Lisa: Anything and everything really. I take a lot of photos and love that there’s somewhere to showcase them. But there are also so many personal and family stories, and thoughts that are important to capture. And then, there’s the pretty paper and adorable embellishments which I love. I mean, I REALLY love! It’s also very much about the “me time” that scrapbooking gives me and the incredible and wonderful friendships I’ve developed over the years. It all comes together on those 12x12 pages that fill all those albums on my shelf.
Bethany: Give a shout out to your personal favorite kit club company!
Lisa: I can’t pick just one! Absolutely top of my list is of course, Scrapabilly ( where I’m also on the design team. Month after month of fabulous kits makes my life on the DT so easy and it’s always a joy to receive the new kit to work with.
There are also other kit companies out there that I hear such good things about such as Gossamer Blue, Scraptastic or Cocoa Daisy. I’d love to give them a try some day but it's not always easy over here in Europe with the postage etc. 
But anyway, I love that I get the fun and variety from my own Counterfeit kits. Combined with my Scrapabilly kit, I have the full monthly kit experience and I love it!
Bethany: Do you have a favorite supply or technique?
Lisa: I love love love anything gold right now. Stars and maps are another top favourite - you might have noticed. And if you combine any of those with vellum, wow! Paper is my go to product as my style has developed and I’ve cut back on so many different types of embellishments. But if I look at my stash, I’d definitely have to say paper all the way. 
I’m not such a technique driven scrapper but I do love layering, clustering and splatting ink all over the place!
Bethany: Other than paper crafts, what other crafty or creative things do you like to do?
Lisa: I’ve dabbled in other things to a lesser or greater degree over the years and consider myself a pretty creative type, but today, it’s primarily about my photos and pretty papers. 
I like to bake given the chance and one day, I’d love to get back to sewing – back to where my main creativity first showed itself!
Bethany: Time to dish! What is something about that our readers would never in a million years guess about you?
Lisa: I come from quite a big family and we all like to make fun of each other. And of course, each of us has very different characters. I have a “bit” of a reputation for being a “bit” of a control freak and have managed to earn the nickname from my four siblings of “Monica” (as in Monica Geller in Friends!). A little piece of me cannot really deny this!

Bethany:  How did you hear about Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog?  How long have you been playing along with us?

Lynnette:   I heard about the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog through fellow Master Forger, Lisa while doing Lain Ehmann's  Layout A Day Challenge.  Lisa would mention that she used this counterfeit kit or that counterfeit kit to complete her layouts and I was intrigued.  I checked out the CKC website and asked Lisa to explain some more.  The first kit I assembled was in March 2012 and I've been hooked ever since!

Bethany: What inspires you to scrapbook?

Lynnette:   I love the pretty paper and embellishments, but the true inspiration comes from telling the stories behind the photos (or even telling the stories when there are no photos!)  Scrapbooking has been a source of healing and therapy for me since losing both of my parents in a short period of time.  It brings me great comfort to document my relationship with them so that we will never forget them.  In turn, it also motivates me to tell my own family's story...the little daily things and the big events. 

Bethany:  Give a shout out to your personal favorite kit club company!

Lynnette:  I honestly don't have one.  I love to shop for my own stash and hand pick the things I love.  I had been doing that for many years, accumulating a back log of product.  That's when CKC entered my life and helped me to assemble all this well-loved product into usable kits.  That being said, I have admired Paper Camellia and Gossamer Blue kits and just received a lovely Felicity Jane kit from fellow Master Forger, Leslie.

Bethany:  Do you have a favorite supply or technique?

Lynnette:  I love, love, love die cut embellishment packs!  This is often my go-to purchase when I'm looking to buy a little something to boost my creativity and mojo.  These scrappy grab bags of sorts aren't too expensive and pack a lot of bang for your buck.  Often this one purchase can satisfy my scrappy buying urge.  While you can often see the pieces listed on the back of the packaging, it still is exciting to rip into the bag and spread them out to admire them.  It's like a scrappy pinata!  I will sort them and think about how I might use them on future layouts.  I always place the packaging board and contents in a ziplock bag for safe keeping and refer to them each month when assembling my Counterfeit Kit.  You can be sure to always find some die cuts in my printer's tray!

Bethany:  Other than paper crafts, what other crafty or creative things do you like to do?

Lynnette:  Life with my family keeps me pretty much so that I have to be pretty creative to fit in my scrapping, but I also get very excited to stage and photograph my kits.  It has sort of become my signature "thing" (or monster I've created...depending on the month!  LOL!).  It's just another creative outlet that gets my mind spinning and creative juices flowing.  I also enjoy sewing, photography and decorating my home.

Bethany:  Time to dish!  What is something that our readers would never in a million years guess about you?  

Lynnette:  (Confession Time)  Hi, my name is Lynnette and I'm a floor scrapper.  There.  I said it, but I'm not sure I want to recover from it!  Despite having a dedicated scrap room with a workbench with a comfy swivel stool and full sized table, I seem to always end up scrapping on the floor.  I guess I don't like boundaries as I usually spread out all over.  Oh well, whatever works, right?


  1. Two of my top ten favorite scrapsistas! XO

  2. I am * loving* these interviews! There's lots of little "ooh, me too" moments, along with the "really?" and it's fantastic!

  3. Totally loving the interview too... what lovely photos - I've been super busy lately - hoping to join in on October!
    Another two inspiring girls!

  4. Floor scrapper?! That's a new angle. I loved learning about both of you and had a giggle at "Monica" Lisa. You both are to be admired for your style so I guess whatever floats your boat. :)

  5. So fortunate that I've had the opportunity to meet Lisa and Leslie! Such an honor to scrap with these talented women.


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