Friday, February 24, 2017

Scribbles From My Scrap Studio – 2017 February


Here we are 8 weeks into 2017 and I am finally sharing with you what I am doing for Project Life this year. I have an on again/off again, love/hate, forget/remember, fun/hassle, relationship with Project Life. I adore the philosophy of making scrapbooking simpler, but like many others I was sidetracked by too much irresistible product. To be honest, I should never have purchased a single core kit. As a stash kit counterfeiter, I am contrite that I literally “bought” into the idea of needing dedicated supplies.

I embrace the idea of recording daily moments for a whole year – but I worry that it can seem so “daily” or even “weekly”. A year is a long time. Only parts of the last few years have Project Life pages, mostly I have succeeded in using it for trips in connection with full 12 x 12 layouts.

I was stalled out on how to approach 2017. I could not get started, feeling a bit overwhelmed with the thought it could be unsustainable. That is, until I saw this video by Becky Higgins studio:

In this video (just a minute long), the good folks at Becky Higgins simply showcase inserting a whole year of the new Project 52 – Fresh cards into an empty album. Each week has 2 pages - simple.

Yet not simple enough. Maybe week could have just 1 page. That is when it hit me that those pages (Design A) are split right down the middle. What if I put 2 weeks on a page instead of 1. Then I would only need to fill 4 slots per week – 1 weekly place card, 2 photos and 1 other journal card – and I would be done with the week. In fact, I could even do a single photo a week and use filler cards for the rest. Brilliant, you say? Am I the first person to see the page split in half like that or tackle it in this “less might be more-likely-to-finish” way?
I decided to commit. Will it work, you wonder? If you know me at all, you should wonder!  Here is the current state of affairs. I started with the previous Project 52 core kit, plus a set of 12 specialty cards. (I am showing you this digital image because it is easier to get a flavor of the kit. I am using physical product.)


I have put all the weekly page cards into the album. I have sorted half of the remaining core kit into my journal card holder. I downsized by half the items I had stored in my Raskog to matching colors and likely usuable items.  This reduced a bit of visual clutter at my Project Life desk, and encourages me to use bits and bobs from my scrap desk and that case of crop stuff I showed you last month.

Here is just a sampling of my pages thus far.  I am up-to-date through last week – Valentines Day.


Quick Pocket Notes:

· I used New Year’s Eve – New Year’s day photos for the title page.

· Most of my journaling is done on the computer and printed on the weekly place cards. I set up blanks in Microsoft Word with both left and right justified margins.

· On Week One, I cut a slit in the back of the protector so that a tab could pop through for a photo that faced back, and I popped the camera on the outside.

· I printed one free downloaded card that I have had for a couple of years.  All my downloads reside in one place in my photo gallery, so they are easy to peruse. I altered it by adding text to suit my story.

· It is okay to go bigger once in a while, on a week of vacation I expanded to use 2 1/2 pages or  5 vertical columns – by inserting a 6 x 12 divided protector. (Part shown above.)

· Clear stickers on photos, and transparencies over color cards add lots of interest.

I conjecture that the key to Project Life may be doing just enough to get by, enough to tell a story over the length of a year, but not so much that you are spending all your scrappy time on it. After the first week, I have only been spending about an hour each week to choose and print photos, journal a bit, add cards and embellishments.

Now, while you keep wondering if I will stick with it, I am wondering what you are doing with Project Life? Anything? Anything, at all?


  1. I really like this idea. I also love the philosophy of Project Life but have never been able to make it work for me. This seems like a really good balance.

  2. LOVE this post! Always interested in the "process". I have done the first half on one year in PL. Well almost. As always for me, some of the journaling is missing. When I fell off the wagon, I thought I would pick it up the next year in July, and see how long I could go. And if not complete the year, then start again the next year, where I left off to eventually take us through one whole year and all its assorted seasonal activities. Now that was over a year and a half ago, and I have still to start in again. A good plan for me but it needs some action.

  3. Fabulous organisation and wonderful bright pages.

  4. I'm now wondering if it would be useful for me to share my own Project Life ideas? I'm sure you know that I'm a little bit of a 'rule-breaker' so there would be plenty for you to think about!

  5. So interesting and I love your no nonsense approach as always. :-)


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