Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tutorial-Coloring Brads to Coordinate

In this month's kit there is a bunch of colored brads...just plain old colored brads.  So simple, but a wonderful and versatile embellishment!  Here are two different ways to color your brads to match your layout...a great way to use what you've got, rather than buying more!

Coloring brads with embossing powder (this tutorial contains a "bonus tip" of adding glitter to your colored brads.)

Coloring brads to match any color ink


  1. Good links, thanks! I'll follow these and see what I can learn. Permanent marker pens are handy too - especially for dots/designs. I also used paint when I wanted brads to match a project. I was already using some acrylic paint on the background and to colour some of those "Ghost Letters" from Heidi Swapp (remember those? they were clear plastic); so I used the same paint to colour the brads and make them match exactly. Pushed them through the middles of some flowers - they looked great!

  2. Bye bye ugly brads, hello beautiful brads!

  3. That looks very easy to do. No more excuses for not having the right color brad.

  4. What a great way to customize all those brads we have laying around!