Friday, June 10, 2011

Tutorial- Vellum Butterflies

Jenni Bowlin Vellum Butterflies
 These cute vellum butterflies, embellished with mini pearls, are part of this month's inspiration kit.  Here are a few tutorials to make your own...

Printing Vellum Butterflies

Small Butterfly Template 

I used my Martha Stewart Butterfly punch and some yellow paper, then simply embellished the bodies with mini pearls...


  1. And I have some unused vellum just hanging around.At this point it's about all my martha punch will go through...ohhh the wear and tear on my equipment

  2. I punched mine too. Will post later on

  3. I might have to try punching from from vellum. I have lots of vellum from the 'olden days.'

  4. This is my plan for these for my kit. Probably a good thing to work on today. :)