Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to dress up your fridge!

Does anyone else have a fridge problem?  Too many kitchy  magnets?  Notes stuck all over?

Mine  is a good mix of magnets, notes, lists and recipes.  I hate it.  It looks....motherly.  LOL

I am determined to make my fridge look better....classier.  At least less cluttered. 

Here are some fun ideas for things you can use your stash to make for your fridge:
Personalized Photo Magnets
Spring Magnets
Fabric Magnet Set
Make your own Notepads
Menu Board (could put on fridge)

And now for my FAVORITE FIND!
Check out this blog!   Lots of fun things to look at, great things to order and even downloads!

Now go to THIS post...scroll down...scroll down...STOP!  Do you see the refridgerator list project by Kinseygirl?  Do you?  Isn't that AWESOME?  Now I would want to do things around the house if I could play with that pretty list.

How are you going to dress up YOUR fridge?  Or am I just nuts here?  LOL


  1. Great ideas - now to clear enough space on my fridge for any project at all!!