Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Organize THIS--Week 1

Bethany and I both LOVE to organize things...a lot.  When I start to pull the items for my Counterfeit Kit each month, I TRY to start with and clean, organized, and orderly supply stash.  So we thought it  might be helpful for you to get organized too.  We found out about Wookie Mouse's Organizational Challenge and would like to link you to that blog every 2 weeks to work on a new supply or area of your scrapbook stash to organize.  

Here is an overview of what her blog is all about...

Feel free to keep up with us and start organizing each new area/supply when we post the reminder twice a month.  Or work at your own pace (all 29 weeks of her challenge are already posted since she created the blog in 2009).  Please feel free to share any links or pictures of your progress in the comments below, or add pictures to our Counterfeit Kit Facebook Page showing us your organizing skills (try to include the week # in your photo description).  Bethany and I both hope to totally overhaul our scrapbook rooms, possibly purge some supplies (this is REALLY hard for me though), and make our scrap areas work better for us. 

Drum roll please.....
Week 1--Audit Your Space

One more thing...if you want to join, lets have some fun, put your "before" picture on the Counterfeit Kit Facebook Page.


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Just last night I was trying to find a particular piece of paper and it took 20 minutes. I said I had to find a way to get organized. It was just too overwhelming though. This is going to get me going in the right direction.

  2. I'm excited to check this out and work along with you. I have more of a general room problem rather than the scrapbook stuff but this will be fun! what a great idea

  3. I'm about to swap rooms with DD. She hates sleeping in the large room with the noisy boiler - I hate my cramped scrap space. So her bed, bookcase and drawers are going into the small room and my scrap stuff will be in the big room which will also double as her playroom. this challenge is just going to be perfect to make sure the space works when we move.

  4. I love the idea of being organised and last year sis a huge ephemera sort. Supplies are fairly well organised but always room for improvement. Great idea to do lo and note what works and doesn't. I will be playing along.