Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's All in the Numbers

WOW!   Today is the 183 day of the year, and there are 183 days left in 2012 (there are 366 days on this year, since 2012 is a Leap Year).  Therefore the year is 1/2 over.  This means we are 1/2 way done with our 2012 "Organize This" Challenge and many of you may be 1/2 way finished with your Project Life for 2012!  If you like journaling spots on your layouts, or if you need more journaling spots for the 2nd half of your 2012 Project Life, look no further...

I found two awesome tutorials, originally meant for creating journaling spots for Project Life...but you can use them for journaling spots on ANY layout, the best part, you get to use up scraps and stamps that you have laying around!!!  I believe Lisa Truesdell first posted a tutorial on Two Peas in a Bucket for journaling cards using Stamps and Washi Tape.  Then Michelle posted her own version of Handmade Project Life Journal Cards on her "Mish Mash" blog.

So I decided to give it a try and make a "couple" journaling spots for myself.  Well, a "couple" turned out to be about 50 or so...but I just couldn't help myself!  They are so cute and so easy to put together.

I found that working on the journal spots in an assembly line manner made the process run smoother.

  • First I cut 3"x4: rectangles from various ledger and graph papers in my stash.  
  • Next I taped a few strips of scrap paper down the sides/top of the journal blocks.  
  • Next I used a starburst punch to add a detail to a few of the journal spots.  
  • After that, I added some random mini word and/or phrase stickers and some mini label stickers.    
  • For the next step I grabbed a handful of my favorite washi tapes, and added a few strips here and there.  
  • Finally, I got out my sewing machine and added some random stitches, using different stitch styles, on all of the journal spots.  
  • I like the rounded corners in the previous tutorials, so I rounded all of the corners and then they were complete!  

I did 90% of this while watching TV with my family.  And I was happy to get that last little use out of some of the TINY scraps that I had left of some of my favorite papers (I typically only save the tiny scraps if they are from super favorite papers--and now I'm so glad I did).

Here is an example of one of my journal blocks in use,
not only are they great for journaling,
but also great for grounding a title or an embellishment cluster!  
If you decide to give these a try, share your creations with a link in the comments below :)

Happy 1/2 way through 2012!!!


  1. Fabulous journalling spots - a great way to use up scraps and have beautiful (free) embellishments ready and prepped for your pages!

  2. Love these - I'm going to have to have a go!

  3. Wow-wee these are fabulous!!! I am off to find some ledger paper now :0)

  4. Impressive - you have convinced me that next year for Project Life I will be making all my own stuff - you make it look like such fun.

  5. Oh, such great journaling cards, and ya'll make it look so easy and fun to make! Do ya'll ever find that you've made a bunch that end up not matching anything you're working on so they just end up sitting in your stash anyway?

    1. Don't limit them to "journaling spots" I will be using mine for thank-you notes, bookmarks, gift tags, lunchbox notes.

    2. Those are great ideas! Thank you!

    3. This is the first time I made them, so I'm not sure yet, but in one of the tutorials that I linked, they suggested using colors that you usually scrap with and scraps that you really like. So that's what I did. I tried to use the colors that I use most in my layouts. Sherrie's other ideas are FABULOUS too!!!

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  7. I rocked it. 18 cards yesterday and 30 today. Thanks for the inspiration.