Monday, July 2, 2012

Organize This: Week 13

Oh boy...this week's task is organizing your STAMPS!!!  Here is the link to Wookie Mouse's "Organize Your Stuff" Challenge week 13.

It just so happens that I am not *exactly* following along with the organizational challenges in order, and I happened to inherit a TON of empty CD cases a couple of weeks ago...well, I FINALLY put them to good use this past week and organized all of my stamps in them (with the exception of a handful of wood mounted stamps)!!!  Now I have a nice, condensed, stamp organization system.  I labeled the spine of each CD case with the "theme" of the stamps inside, for example: Christmas, School, Baby, etc.

Boy am I happy I did this, I have already started actually USING my stamps more. I have used more stamps in the past few days than I have in the past few months now that they are organized and easy to find.  I think I REALLY need to take Jen Gallacher's "Scrapbook Stamper's Workshop" right away, so I can start getting the most out of all of my stamps.  I heard it's a really great class :)

Happy Organizing!!!


  1. I currently have mine in small a photo album but I will try this way once I get the supplies!

  2. Oh my goodness this couldn't have come at a better time! I feel like I needed permission to break up my stamp sets & now I have it :~)

  3. I store mine in CD cases. Each case is labeled with a number. I don't separate the stamps in any certain way in the cases, just however they will fit in there to maximize my storage space. But, I've made an index or "catalog" notebook of the stamps, which IS separated into categories. In my index, I've stamped an image of each stamp, and I have listed the stamp name, set name (if applicable), mfg, and the number of the cd case it's in. If a stamp fits in 2 different categories, it's listed in each in my index. So, when I get ready to stamp, I go to my "catalog" to needed category and "shop," and when I find the right one, I can go straight to the cd case and start stamping. It's the best storage thing I've ever done! I've definitely started using them more since storing this way!

  4. i had mine in cd cases until recently when i rearranged into an A 4 folder. I like that i can flick through the folder and see on one side an image of the stamp and pick up the stamp on the other side. Details are here