Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Challenge #1: Online Challenge

I tend to be a very insulated scrapper.  I don't go to crops...join in heavily with online communities...or submit my projects anywhere.  I scrapbook for me.  Sometimes it can be inspiring, though to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Challenge #1:  Enter an online challenge!  Pick an online challenge (something besides ours...don't be a cheater!) and enter a project for it using your kit!  You can pick a challenge with or without some sort of prize attatched (although prizes are always more fun).

Here are some great sites to find some online challenges:

You can also look at the blogs for your favorite scrapbook companies!  They often host challenges as well!

You can do this!  Let's step out of the box together a bit and share our work!  Don't forget to link up here on Mr. Linky so we can cheer you on!


  1. These are some good blog based online challenges

    (oh and Scrap Orchard have LOADS of challenges on their forum)

  2. I have done the challenge from The Studio Challenge blog but am too late to enter it there but will put it on my blog soon and put it in the Linky

  3. oops just seen that I am not too late so will enter it as soon as it is on my blog.

  4. Thanks for the list! I just went on scrapbook calls and they're done though as of July! Just thought I'd let ya know :)

  5. Fabulous challenge! I hooked up with Sketches in Thyme and have posted my first three pages with Mr. Linky! Have fun, everyone! I'm enjoying looking at all your pages!