Monday, September 24, 2012

September Card Sketch Inspiration

Twas' several months before Christmas and all through the house...crafters were planning their cards and other goodies and needed some inspiration...and I know this doesn't rhyme at all, but the sentiment stands just the same.  Whew!

For those of us who have not finished our holiday shopping and crafting, here is a great sketch that I think would make some fun Christmas cards.  Replace the heart with a great holiday shape and you can knock these out in no time!


  1. Thanks, that's a good sketch.

    And going with your Grinch mention, I just saw a bunch of Grinch stickers, chipboard, and other embellishments at Joann's in the Christmas aisle. They would make good card embellishments, too!

  2. It can't be time to think about Christmas....surely? x