Sunday, September 23, 2012

Studio Envy

I am SO lucky to have my own scrapbook room and I know that.  However, if a girl could dream...I would love to have a space outside of the house...away from the distractions and interruptions so I could create.  There is a small house next door that is always being rented husband and I talk frequently about how cool it would be to buy it and then be able to have a great office and scrapbook room where we could get away.

I found this space on 2 of my friends has something similar for her quilting...

How awesome is that?


  1. oh my goodness, envy for sure! wow!

  2. Her shelves look like a candy store. Yummy!

  3. A scrapbooking house is definitely something on my 'if I won the lottery' wishlist!

  4. If you checked out her blog, she now has an ADDITIONAL room added to the
    I don't know - I don't feel like I could make a mess in there, lol!

  5. That is a completely charming space - made all the more so by being detached. Yes I am turning green as I type.

  6. Haha, we talk about buying our own house next door, too.

    1. Oops, hit send too soon. Also wanted to say - thanks for bringing up her shed, too. I've seen it, but I had hadn't seen the update. Wow!

  7. Oh my, I don't think the house would ever get cleaned if I had that space to go play in.