Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CKCB Members' Blog Hop

We're quite low on numbers for the Members' Blog Hop this month.

Frog feeling blue

It's really easy and open to EVERYone - we don't vet entries or pick participants - if you want to join in, you're in - it's YOUR hop!

This month we're scraplifting the Master Forgers as per Challenge #1 - just pick a project, take inspiration from it and post it on your blog on the 24th (along with a link to your original inspiration).

I'll extend the deadline for sign-ups until July 19th ... if you fancy it, just let us know by emailing us ... then get creative - there's still plenty of time to complete your project and get it ready to post for July 24h.


  1. If I were reading this from home, I'd be sorely tempted to hop in. I'm sure lots of us are on the road this month. Maybe next month!

  2. I'm meeting with friends on Friday to craft so I'll manage to make one in time. I'll email now :)

  3. I'm meeting with friends on Friday to craft so I will be able to make one. Count me in and I will email now as I didn't think I would find time this month.

  4. This is great news, I missed Monday's deadline but now I can still join in. Put me on the list!

  5. Count me in too. I've emailed you

  6. So you need to make a counterfeit kit and create a page inspired by a Master Forger's one, don't you ?