Saturday, July 20, 2013

I love the smell of paper in the morning...

One of my favorite types of happy mail used to be Scrapbook Magazines!  I love the inspiration and curling up in a cozy chair with some coffee and reading from cover to cover.

Scrapbook Answers, Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks Etc...all magazines I used to subscribe to.  Times,  however, are changing.  Many magazines have shutdown due to the economy and those that are left are  moving in the digital direction.  Now, I do own a Kindle Fire and love my computer time, but I really love books.  Holding them, turning the pages, smelling them...I miss paper!  It looks like I will need to get on board with the digital subscriptions or lose them altogether.

Here are some creative magazines that just might make the transition a bit easier. (Some of them are even FREE!)

Scrapbook and Cards Today

Jot Magazine

Crafting Ireland

Through the Craftroom Door

Life Paper Scrapbook

If you have a favorite Online Scrapbook Magazine, please share!


  1. Through the Craftroom Door isn't free.

  2. i just thought of one that I love. Paperhaus magazine and it is free. It is a lovely magazine that always gives me LOTS of ideas.

  3. I just found Jot last week and love it!

  4. I know just how you feel, as I'm in the dark ages with a not-so-smart phone I do think I need to get a tablet device if I'm going to be able to still read my magazines in bed. So many are going down the digi route, but I will miss the papery mountain on my bedside cabinet, and reading them in the bath!!

  5. I'm pleased that you re still dealing with paper.Books/magazines will never be preplaced by computers.