Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Clever

So Christmas has come and gone and what's left? A huge mound of chocolate? More food than you could ever eat? 
And … a pile of empty boxes?
Cardboard is beautiful
especially when exposed
Revealing the ridges
hidden beneath

Like Teak or Oak
its moving color and texture
are alluring

I like my cardboard in large pieces
The larger, the less limited
the potential

Cardboard is experimental
Cardboard is gold
Cardboard can be cut
And Cardboard can fold

I found a piece of cardboard today
and breathed my fingertips across it's surface
inhaling the hair-like filaments it grows
listening to the harmony it sang

Cardboard is beautiful
especially when exposed
Cardboard can be cut
and Cardboard can fold

T. Curtis 12/22/2008

Inspired yet? Here are some great ideas on how to recycle those boxes...



If you need some ideas on how to get rid of that huge mound of Chocolate, I would be happy to share my address!!!!

Wishing you the most fabulous of Boxing Days - until the next time


  1. Oh some fabulous ideas - love the cardboard stars!

  2. Now I understand what boxing day is (wink-wink).
    Don't know why I don't use cardboard more often - I love the texture & the great kraft color.