Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Twas The Night Before Christmas ...

... which means neither you nor I have an awful lot of scrappy time left!  I'll bet that you have plenty of photos to scrap though.  And all being well you'll have plenty more by the end of the festivities.  So how will you scrap them?  A mini-book perhaps?  Or a multi-photo page?

Here's a lovely sketch from Scrapbook & Cards Today's winter collection to inspire you:

Not a fan of double page spreads?  No problem - just pick half the sketch - like this:

I'm sure you'll agree tha, with a little adaptation, either half of the following sketch would make a brilliant single page layout:

If you need more seasonal inspiration, check out the rest of the winter collection at Scrapbook & Cards Today or pop over to Becky Fleck's December Pagemaps.

If a mini-book is more your style please pop over to my blog today where I've posted some instructions for making a word mini-book ready to fill with photos ...
Merry Christmas from Jemma!


  1. All these sketches are good ones. I love your dear little mini album.

  2. Love it! The book is adorable :~D
    Merry Christmas!