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Wonderful World of Color - Challenge #1 Color Your Mood!

Hello everyone!

Are you enjoying the Wonderful World of Color event so far? Keep checking back every 2 hours for more challenges and inspiration.

I'm Jennifer from Jennifer Grace Creates. I am really excited to be here as a guest designer to set Color Challenge #1 for you!

This challenge is to Color Your Mood. I'm going to talk more about this below, but first here's the prize that you could win if you join in with this challenge:

It includes a Heidi Swapp Peach Color Shine Spritz, some Color Shine Memory Files, two pots of Tim Holtz Distress Powder, some Thickers, glitter, feathers, chipboard stickers and sequins!

Want to win? Read on...

Color Your Mood

Did you know that color can change your mood? Or that your emotions can make you drawn more to certain colors? Do you ever consciously think about this when choosing colors for your scrapbooking? I'm going to explore some of the emotions connected to different colors and challenge you to think about them when you are pulling products together for your next project...

I've used a few websites for researching color including THIS PAGE about the psychological properties of color, THIS PAGE about the meaning of color, and THIS PAGE with lots of color meanings. 

The color associations won't all apply to you and your moods, because you can also be influenced by your country, situation and upbringing - eg. if a color reminds you of the wallpaper on your room when you were young, then it will make you feel different to someone who has that color for their national flag. Also various shades of the different colours can alter mood too.

To help talk about the different moods linked to colours I'm going to show you some examples with scrapbooking paper. I chose a photo to scrapbook, this one of my daughter and her friends at her 6th birthday party - it was a 'My Little Pony' party so we'd made them all pony tails and manes with crepe paper:

Most often when I start scrapbooking I will just choose a couple of colors from the photo and use them to scrapbook with. For this photo I probably would have chosen green because of all the grass, and purple because that's the color of my daughter's dress. But there are so many other colors in the photo to choose from, so I thought about the mood I wanted to set first. Thinking about the emotions also helped me think about the story I wanted to tell, so it was a good journaling prompt too!

I tried it out on lots of different colours...

Red: love, passion, anger, strength, excitement

With this photo red makes me feel bold and loud - it reminds me of the girls shouts and screams while they ran around in the house.

Pink: femininity, tranquillity, compassion, nurturing, calm

Pink with this photo just feels super girly, and makes me remember how my daughter decided not to invite any boys because they wouldn't want to wear pony tails.

Orange: vitality, change, warmth, fun, optimistic, uplifting

Orange here feels fun and bright, it makes me think of a big happy smile on my daughters face, like the one when she first tried her tail on - I asked her if she liked it and she said 'no' - my heart sank until she added 'I LOVE it' with a big grin on her face.

Yellow: happiness, hope, inquisitive, new ideas, anxiety, self-esteem

Yellow with this photo makes me feel happy and bright, but it also makes me remember how stressed I was getting ready for the party.

Green: harmony, rest, renewal, balance, rest, growth

The color green here makes me think of the wind rustling the trees and the tails during a moment when the girls stood still... for about 30 seconds.

Blue: serenity, refreshing, peace, quiet, reliable, sadness, intelligence

This blue makes me feel refreshed and free, like I'm a kid again running around in the breeze.

Purple: luxury, spiritual, imaginative, deep, soulful, dreamy

With this photo the purple colour feels luxurious because they were all wearing their best party dresses and shoes, and it also makes me think how I made her dream come as true as possible - she got to live in pony land for a couple of hours.

Black: sophisticated, formal, power, secretive, protection, modern

Black here draws out the organisation - trying to get them all in a row and facing the same direction was no small feat. It also makes me think of sophistication, by making me imagine how different and more grown up her parties will be in a few years time.

What color would you choose?

All the colors above work with the photos in different ways, but it was down to me to choose which feeling I wanted to portray - there's no right or wrong here as it's all about how it makes you feel. You don't have to choose just one color, you can combine the emotions to suit your project.

Here's my finished layout...

Pony Tales:

You can see I chose to go with orange and pink, a combination of fun and femininity. I love how bright and uplifting it is!

I made a crepe paper 'tail' to go on my page, and cut the bottom edge of my paper photo mat into a fringe:

And I used an orange alpha for the word 'tales' (see how I played on the word tails there?!) as I wanted the word 'pony' to be the one that stood out:

This turned out very differently than it normally would have if I'd just chosen colors from my photo!

Are you up for the challenge? Choose a photo to scrap or a project to work on and then think carefully about the mood you want to set with your colors before you stick anything together. Remember to come back here and link your project up for the chance to win the prize! You have until midnight MST on the 16th of May to enter.

And remember there will be another 'Wonderful World of Color' post here in two hours!

Jennifer Grace x


  1. This is SUCH a clever post Jennifer - really interesting to see the difference a coloured background can make to the mood of the page. Definitely food for thought!

  2. Yes, I agree this post is very interesting and I love how you've actually showed us the different effects of colors with the same photo.

  3. Wow it was interesting to see all the different color combinations and how it worked with the photo. I was drawn to the orange too with the photo seem the color that stood back the most to let the photo shine through

  4. A great post and a great prize. It's amazing how the different colours change the mood so very cleverly :)

  5. Wow that's a fab write up - for me I tend to always match papers to photos so this will be quite a challenge off to find a photo and consider the mood not the colours!

  6. Fun to come into the dressing room to try on the different colors. Your "tail" embelli was adorable! and the signature JG sprinkle of bling makes it totally yours :D

  7. I'm hoping this is where I link up for your challenge love how different colours can effect the moods of some people so easily.
    Here's my entry thanks Nikki

  8. Jennifer - love how you tied in the "tail" on your page with the crepe paper! Super fun and very creative! Great post about how to use colour as a jumpstart for emotions and journaling while creating a page. So nicely done.

  9. Wow... What a thoughtful and insightful challenge (and information) I love this! I'm thinking now in the previous post for the banner challenge when we were asked to leave a comment on our favourite colour combos - that I instinctively said 'Greens & Blues' More food for thought.....
    Love how you set out the different background colours for your photos... that is effective! AND your LO is fabulous! How cute is that pony tail!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Love the differences a color makes! Here is the link for my entry: It is the second card...Purple is my mood color. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. You have shown me something with this article.Some photos need a mood built around them to maximise a thought or mood.
    Well done Jennifer

  13. very interesting seeing what different emotions background colours can create. great article Jennifer.

  14. Off to play with this one. Interesting idea and one I need to look at further as, like you, I tend to go with the colours in the photo. Before I got down to your final choice I decided that the orange was my favourite and it is not a colour I would go for usually. :)

  15. Loved this challenge so much.
    this is my link (hopefully) for #1

  16. What an interesting and thought-provoking post Jennifer - amazing how different each of those pages looks with the change of colour. I think I would have gone for the pink, but I love your finished page - that pony tail looks fab!
    Wonderful prize too - I'll be back with my entry! :o)

  17. Here's my Mood LO!
    thanks Jennifer!!

  18. Really enjoyed this challenge thank you Jennifer, it gave me a whole new perspective on choosing colours and embellishments. Here's my page

  19. Just blogged my take on this one

  20. Here is my take on this

  21. I really enjoyed this challenge and it made me choose completely different colours to those I would have used for my DLO of a castle whilst on holiday I went for red to represent the strength of the castle but also the love of being with my family and green to represent the growth and harmony of family and rest as we were on holiday! Here is the link

  22. Here is mine :)


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