Thursday, March 2, 2017

Just The Gist Of It–March 2017

Hello Counterfeiters, Susanne here.  Here again is the sneak peek of the March kit to counterfeit that we showed you on social media a couple of days ago.  The kit is largely based on Maggie Holmes new Crate Paper collection titled Chasing Dreams.


To get the complete gist of it, I would add these peeks as well, which feature three sheets of Crate Paper’s Oasis collection.


Instead of a recipe list of things to add to your kit this month, consider the theme of this kit.  Chasing dreams, weekend getaways, finding your calm oasis in life.  Run with the serene, ethereal color scheme of pink, aqua and blue. Consider the symbolism of butterflies and birds in flight, swans gliding along blissfully, and even the satisfaction of peacocks presenting their full blown plumes.  Toss off the doldrums of winter.  Dream of the budding blooms of spring and anticipation of getaways to come – maps to follow, sights to see, pictures to snap.

Choose the colors and motifs that best represent those same feelings to you.


Take that guidance and “gist” . . . run with it.

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  1. Your description of where this kit might take us makes me want to start again! I love it. You never know, I might make another kit up now :-)