Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October challenge #2 Coppertone

Challenge #2:  Coppertone

Most of us remember this commercial advertisement for Coppertone.

Our kit from Prima named St Tropez features some shimmery copper.

Use copper tones on your project.

These can be wet media e.g. pastes, paint, gesso etc or copper shades of papers/trims. 

Here's what our team did with copper:

Susanne hadn't used her copper border strips on layouts from her mini kit, but she found it was a perfect accent to the pinks/peaches among her leftovers.  So she whipped up these three mini cards.

Clair, who is also a lover of the mini-card, made a teeny tiny little card with some little bits leftover from her weekend crafting session. (There is more to share soon!) Clair didn't include much copper in her kit, so was limited to a little Polka Dot in a Glittery Copper. It didn't seem like *quite* enough, so she added a couple of little coppery sequins! Because who doesn't love sequins?

Kate our guest forger has made this beautiful layout.

To highlight my handcut flowers, I used some FolkArt Metallic Copper paint to paint a little copper on the leaves and even though the background was already gold wood, I added patches of the copper paint on it as well.

And Margie made another layout for her Disney book, using The Project Life App and Over App:

Straight from the PL App, using the Modern collection:

After taking into Over App, and adding some embellishment, mostly Project Mouse: Princess, and Project Mouse: Beginnings:

As always, if you're inspired to create a kit, a page, a project or in fact, anything at all, make sure to include them in our Monthly Link Up. We want to see it! Or share on Instagram using @counterfeitkitchallenge or #counterfeitkitchallenge

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