Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Scribbles From My Scrap Studio – October 2017

Hello Counterfeiters,

Susanne here, and this month, I have more scrapbooking than scribbling to share.  (Yes, I am sure you’re a bit surprised, as am I.)

With my son’s wedding behind us (which was  a perfectly beautiful day in all respects), I have had much more time in the studio.  I have been diligently working with old photos from the late 1990’s, and I have tackled them using those kits I showed you in my August column.


From June’s kit:



This kit was supposed to be for card making, but I wanted to use up some sheets on a layout.  The base of this page is four 6 x 6 sheets, three of one pattern (only 3 of each in the pad) and one of another.  Then I layered four more 6 x 6 papers on top of that bottom quadrant.


From July’s kit:



This, you can see, was a Daily Life kit, but in late September and early October I was back into scrapbook mode.  So I used two 3 x 4 cards and one 4 x 6 card across this page in a band.  Another 3 x 4 card was cut down for the journal block.


From August’s kit:



I created at least one additional project from each kit and then I disassembled the kits, returning a pittance of supplies back to my stash so that I could concentrate on October and November counterfeit kits.  I wanted to have all my kits used up and/or broken down before the holiday season. I yearned for a clean slate more than the satisfaction of having completely killed those kits.

I admit to you this is not because I want to be an organized scrapper, but to compensate for the fact that I am NOT.  I have too many kits sitting around the studio.  Proven to be fact, when recently I had to move things around so that a new floor could be laid in my studio.  During the process, I misplaced a kit that I needed to make a project just a couple days before my deadline.  Yikes, I had some nervous hours until it was located in a quite illogical location.

Speaking of deadlines, I also need to catch up on Project Life; I am a couple of months behind.   Are you a making a fourth quarter push to get projects done before the holidays?  If so, what is on your list?

Of course, if you are not organized enough to have an actual list – I applaud you, kindred spirit.

Well now, enough scribbling, back to scrapping.

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  1. I'm one of the least organised people out there S but have taken to keeping a universal list - never ending with new things just added at the bottom - and it's really helping! And yes, I'd love to get my PL finished or at least up to date-ish before the end of the year. I still have quite a few months to do! Good for you on finishing your kits off and getting that feeling of satisfaction.