Monday, March 21, 2011

Mini Challenge: You've been framed!

We have come along way from simply having a print made of our favorite photo and sticking it in a frame.  We have turned displaying our photos into an art form.  I love it!  Let's not forget the importance of a good frame, though.

Mini Challenge #3: You've been framed
Use your kit to make a project with some sort of frame on it.  Try to be as creative as you can!

Here is some great inspiration to get you started:
Framed Journaling

Framed photos

Layering a frame

Postage stamp framed card

Homemade frames

Decorative framing

Creative circle frame

Felt Frame

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  1. Wow what an awesome idea! My creative juices are flowing! I LOVE the clock made with frames - super cool!!


  2. I will have to think about this one!