Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tutorial: Previous Counterfeit Kit Tutorials that can be Used in this Month's Kits!

Well, it sometimes gets difficult for me to find tutorials that we haven't used before for pieces of the inspiration kits.  We have written over 80 blog posts with tutorials and links to tutorials in the past year!  Some of those tutorials can be re-used for this month's kits.  I decided to link a few of those today.  I promise next month, all 6 tutorial posts will be something new.  But here are some previously  posted tutorials (that you may have forgotten about) that can be re-used for January's Counterfeit Kits...

Pennants on toothpicks
Kraft Mini Envelopes
Glimmer Mist
Pearl Flourishes
Faux Wooden Mini Shapes and Chipboard Shapes (snowflakes in January Inspiration kit)

If you ever want to see all of our tutorial posts in one place, go to our Tutorial tab found here.


  1. Thank you, such a good idea and makes them so much easier to find. Can we make this a regular feature please?

  2. There were a couple on there that I'd missed or forgotten about - so very useful - thanks!

  3. ok, I think I will link the PREVIOUSLY posted tutorials on the same post as the reveal, just below the reveal. great idea!!!